Monday, February 6, 2012


Laughter, exuberant posturing, fabulous noise
Turn quickly to tears and back again.
Interference brings recrimination as
They ally with one another against me.
The competition, pursued ferociously,
Draws lines between brothers, cousins and friends,
Lines redrawn with ease at a
Chance word or slight.
Splashes, wet sand thrown against the unsuspecting one
Who turns and in fierce anger retaliates.
Suddenly two or three are down, under, and,
As I watch with anxious eyes,  
Arise, with water pouring down faces
Lit by dazzling smiles.
This is not a world into which I can enter,
Nor one whose keys will be given me.
I can only watch and wonder as I see them rolling
Once more on the ground,
Knocking the legs of the kitchen table,
Tumbling their way through the sacraments of manhood.


  1. Posted in commiseration with my friend Devon Corneal whose blog on Huffington Post today has a similar theme...

  2. This is so beautiful, my sons definitely have a club I cannot get into...

  3. So well said, Helen. My son and his friends never cease to amuse and mystify me!