Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Public Exposure

Your voice carries your legal struggles
And lurid details of betrayal across from your table to mine –

Too much information for those of us
Whose involvement you compel without our concurrence.

We become embroiled in your lust for justice
And shudder as your voice rises in anger.

You glance at me as you hang up and I sit, condemned
Along with the putz of a lawyer I heard you fire.

Disregarding other patrons’ conversations
And crowding us with your overflow of files and fury,

You insist on our attendance
At your strange party.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Published in Clementine Poetry Journal!!


One of my poems was published in the fairly new journal Clementine Poetry, edited by the wonderful GF Boyer, poet and teacher extraordinaire. I'm in pretty fabulous company, as you can see from the other poetry published so far.  

Here it is:
Comments in the Dark

Saturday, January 31, 2015


I was never the smartest, 
but always knew how 
to make the connection, 
to draw an analogy, 
to ask a good question.

I always missed marks of distinction, 
doing well enough to move on:
always worked just hard enough
always at the last minute,
always meeting the deadline, just.

The genius
is one who knows
what to say at a the right moment,
what to listen to or ignore,
what matters or not.

Lessons learned through hard experience
Are most weighty;
Tough to hold,
Believe, act upon.

Genius comes at a heavy price. 

Monday, December 22, 2014


Advent I

The plates are not yet clean from the feast
And yet the great preparation commences.
The bite in the air portends
The advent, the beginning.
My heart feels dull and strands of worry
Cloud my waking.
Too much, it’s too much to contemplate
How to ready my house, my heart?
I feel no flair yet, no novel approach
To set the scene for the stable,
The semblance of security, the safety of home.

Advent II

Snow today – steady, small bits
Accumulating no mass as yet.
When I was a little girl I made the mistake
Of connecting magic to snow.
Absent white flakes I believed
The beauty of the advent was wanting,
And I wanted, I wanted.

Advent III

Furious activity –
Frantic airport runs and post office lines.
Time eludes to think or contemplate or
Wonder at the wonder,
Tomorrow, later, after pageant,
Wrapping, parties.
Time to wait again will come,
Time to revel in all that is and will be. 

Advent IV

It is.
Quiet now, the early morning air holds
All the promise we have sought.
What is done is done, and
What is not will have to be forgotten.
It won’t matter in the end.
Faces will light and lighten.
And I will sing my hymn,
My praise song
For the silence, the peace, the glory

Of this moment and the earth.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cascading in the Coffee Shop

Sitting in the coffee shop
There is an illusion of productivity
And novel thoughts occurring
While I simply sip from my cup.

Each morning follows similar patterns:
Get up, get ready, fill my head with
Goals of all I’ll accomplish while
Sitting in a coffee shop.

Surfing and navigating
The literary shoals;
Wading through the rushes,
There is an illusion of productivity.

A chance encounter with Howie
Breaks into my flow;
Banter begets new pathways, with
Novel thoughts occurring.

Now memories and inspiration loom,
Flowing from my fingertips.
Perhaps something new is brewing
While I simply sip from my cup.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Change in Plans

I planned for solitude this morning:
To use every moment to the fullest,
Quiet moments with no pleas for help, permission or attention.

But when I kissed the little one goodbye
and watched him walk his uncertain way up the path to his new school, 
my stomach clutched and I mourned instead.

I want them all home again to tell me what I missed
As they lived in their worlds out there.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Keeping House

First, never think you may finish the task.
As you close one door, the next will reveal
Detritus of such proportions
You will need to stop and catch your breath.

Reparation here will cause engulfing damage elsewhere.
You may find that items you had righted
Are now, once again, upside down,
And the paintings you have straightened on the wall
Have slipped and are off kilter.

Plan carefully, but be prepared -
Your plans will come to nothing.
Your daily agenda is subject to sudden and
Abstract revision.
Remain flexible and nimble.
Be present at all times, but do not stand in the way of progress.

Today you will address those issues
You thought were last week’s, and 
Tomorrow’s should have been seen to yesterday.
You will prepare that which will be consumed and
You will consume that which has been prepared.

Be patient and calm at all times.
Exult at small victories,

Take note of blessings.